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Христиане - угроза КНДР?

Of an estimated 200,000 prisoners in North Korea, 70,000 of them are Christians, Open Doors reported. For the 11th consecutive year, North Korea tops Open Doors' list of the worst countries for its brutal treatment of believers.
North Korea is run like a giant religious cult, Dykstra wrote. He noted two ideologies that drive the regime: "Juche," which asserts that man is self-reliant, and "Kimilsungism," which is the worship of leaders.
Christianity is viewed as a Western-instigated threat to the regime

"Many North Koreans attempt to escape to neighboring China, and an informal network of Christians seek to provide practical assistance when they cross the border," Dykstra wrote. "However, the reach of Pyongyang extends even into China.

Может, Пхеньян именно против христиан активизировал свои ядерные испытания?
Забавно: основной миссионерский источник в КНДР - результат не прозелитизма католиков, а попадает от китайцев. Смеюсь.
Это ж нужно было зажать так свой народ! В 21-м веке.
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