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Антикитайщина растёт в Японии

Оригинал взят у japancenter в Anti-China sentiment among Japanese at record high
A joint survey in Japan and China puts anti-Chinese sentiment in Japan at a record high of 84 percent, and anti-Japanese sentiment in China at 65 percent.

The poll was taken from April through May by the non-profit think tank Genron NPO in Japan, and by China's state-run English-language newspaper China Daily. 1,000 Japanese and 1,627 Chinese responded.

The percentage of Japanese with negative feelings about China was up 6 percentage points from last year, the highest since the survey began in 2005.

70 percent of Japanese and 51 percent of Chinese respondents cited the territorial dispute over the Senkaku islands in the East China Sea as the main obstacle to improving relations.

Asked whether there could be military conflict in East Asian waters within the next few years or in the future, 38 percent of Japanese respondents said "No" while 50 percent of Chinese respondents said "Yes".

But asked whether they think Japan-China relations are important, 80 percent of Japanese and 78 percent of Chinese said "Yes".

The governments of Japan and China have been trying to emphasize friendly relations in the lead up to the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations this year.

But this latest poll suggests animosity among the people in both countries is growing.

Источник: NHK WORLD, Jun. 20, 2012 - Updated 07:18 UTC (16:18 JST)

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