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Автогол Украины

….Why, two decades after communism ended and Ukraine gained its independence, does the country remain mired in economic torpor and an authoritarian politics that has aroused such ire in Europe? When a country like Ukraine develops slowly and remains poor, it is not because of natural disaster or resource constraints. Bad policies pursued by bad governments are to blame.

….Poland’s GDP has almost doubled over the last 20 years, while Ukraine is still barely maintaining the output level recorded during the last year of socialism. Generally speaking, Central and Eastern European countries have performed better economically than the ex-Soviet countries (with the exception of the Baltic states).
Economic growth is a matter not just of quality of life, but of quantity as well. Child mortality rates have declined in all Central European countries over the past 20 years, especially in Poland, where the rate fell from 17 per 10,000 live births to seven. In the Czech Republic and Slovenia, life expectancy has increased from 71 to 77, similar to other Central European countries. In Ukraine, by contrast, under-five child mortality rates have fallen only slightly, from 25 per 10,000 live births to 24, while life expectancy has declined from 70 years to 68. The same stagnation applies to Russia.

…Poland avoided extreme booms and the deep recessions that follow. Most booms are produced by bad monetary and fiscal policies. This is true of the recent boom-bust sequence in Spain, Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and the Baltics, among others. In Ukraine, too, a huge boom in 2004-2007 was followed by a contraction amounting to almost 15% GDP in 2009 – a direct result of domestic policies.
Ukraine’s record over the past 20 years demonstrates that it is not enough to abolish socialism. The real challenge is to build free-market, rule-based capitalism. And, to do that, an energetic civil society must demand an end to crony capitalism. Ukraine’s citizens can become more like their Central European neighbors, or they can allow the economy’s many distortions from past bad policies to persist, in which case they will fall further behind.

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