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У Пхеньяна есть новая ракета

Ракетный комплекс КНДР

15 апреля во время торжественного военного парада в Пхеньяне, посвященного 100-летию со дня рождения Ким Ир Сена, среди прочих видов представленных вооружений был продемонстрирован новый ракетный комплекс. 
Северокорейская ракета имеет некоторые сходства со своими китайскими аналогами.  По данным военных источников, длина - 18м., диаметр - 2м, три ступени. 
Ким Чем Ын выступил на параде:
"Our military has become a powerful military capable of handling any kind of modern warfare, with complete offensive and defensive tactics," Kim said. "The foreign powers are not the only ones with military supremacy anymore. And the days of them treating and lying to us with atomic weapons is forever gone."
Kim also vowed never to let the country starve.
"Our fellow citizens, who are the best citizens in the world, who have overcome countless struggles and hardships, it is our party's firmest resolve not to let our citizens go hungry again," he said.
Much of Kim's roughly 20-minute talk focused on the importance of the revolution spearheaded by his grandfather, saying that it was the North Korean government's responsibility to work to realize the movement's aspirations and live up to its values.
Deemed the Eternal President, Kim's grandfather -- Kim Il Sung -- was born on August 15, 1912. Some 33 years later, following North Korea's liberation from Japan, he pledged in Pyongyang to build a nation on wealth, strength and knowledge.
The grandson, Kim Jong Un, is now North Korea's "supreme commander" -- a title he has recently assumed, following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il.

О новой корейской ракете:

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