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Корея: тест для Китая

....Ну, вот мы подошли к основной цели восьмой провокации в корейской игре.

Картер: КНДР направила месседж США

…..Pyongyang has sent a consistent message that during direct talks with the United States, it is ready to conclude an agreement to end its nuclear programs, put them all under IAEA inspection and conclude a permanent peace treaty to replace the "temporary" cease-fire of 1953. We should consider responding to this offer.
The unfortunate alternative
is for North Koreans to take whatever actions they consider necessary to defend themselves from what they claim to fear most: a military attack supported by the United States, along with efforts to change the political regime.

: Почему КНДР всегда нас дурачит

: Очень рисковая игра КНДР

…..Over the last several weeks, North Korean officials unveiled two ambitious new nuclear projects to three separate delegations of visiting American experts. In addition to an industrial-sized centrifuge plant, they are also building an experimental light water reactor, supposedly for energy production.
…..The Obama administration has to press China  hard to finally engage.

WP: Последний «ужастик» Северной Кореи
Predictably, China is responding to the latest incident by refusing to blame North Korea and by calling for the renewal of the failed "six party" negotiations. Beijing shouldn't be allowed to hide behind that position.
New talks cannot succeed without a decisive shift of direction by North Korea - and only China has the leverage to bring about that change. The United States and its allies should hold Beijing responsible for putting a stop to Mr. Kim's dangerous behavior.

: Ядерный месседж КНДР Вашингтону
Политика Запада в отношении ядерной программы КНДР потерпела неудачу


: Пересмотреть политику США по отношению к КНДР
…..Dealing with North Korea is not easy, and the process has been exacerbated by myths about the travails of negotiating with its regime. This is not a problem of a particular administration or party. North Korea is on the sad list of countries that, over the years, Americans have convinced themselves they cannot understand and believe, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, that it is impossible to engage. Not so long ago, of course, China and North Vietnam  were high on that list.

Болтон: Nuclear blinders
США будут работать с Китаем по объединению Корейского

Полуостров Страха


The United States could help China take the hard steps needed to halt and reverse North Korea’s nuclear-weapons programs. First, we should insist that there be no more nuclear blackmail payments made to Pyongyang. Second, we must persuade China that North Korea’s actions are antithetical to its security interests because they increase the need for American forces in the region, push South Korea and Japan closer to Washington, and encourage them to expand their current missile-defense systems. China holds a powerful sword over North Korea’s head: it can withdraw its apparent approval of the regime’s dynastic succession plan.

Цель – изменить режим
….Most importantly, the president should make clear that the goal of our North Korea policy is regime change. Congress should pass and the President should sign a North Korean Liberation Act that lays out actions the United States is willing to take to bring about such change in North Korea — for instance, efforts to increase the flow of information into the country and support for refugees who are able to escape.
As long as the current despotic regime remains in place, these incidents will continue to occur and the threat of nuclear-weapons proliferation (either to other rogue regimes or to terrorists) will loom large in the fears of Western policymakers. Forcing the current regime from power is the only way to resolve the security and proliferation challenges posed by Pyongyang.

Obama's Only Choice on North Korea

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