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Китай. Конференция ООН по биоразнообразию (2)

В тему. Китай. Конференция ООН по биоразнообразию: https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2658297.html

China has done a lot for biodiversity.
If look at the Convention perspective China has been a strong supporter and contributor to the global biodiversity agenda in the processes.
China was among the first countries to become a party to out Convention on Biological Diversity.
China has also ratified the two protocols under the convention: the Protocol on Cartagena Biosafety and the Protocol of Nagoya Access and benefit sharing.
So China offering to host this COP15 is a clear demonstration of the government of China's leadership and commitment to biodiversity and this will be well represented in the Kunming Declaration to be adopted at the COP.
China has been one of our biggest donor countries to the core budget of the restoration efforts that China has carried out over the last decade clearly represent a good model for future work particulary under our own on-going decade of ecosystem restoration under the UN.
And this again is something which can be emulated and learned by the other countries.
China has continued to apply long term approach to halt and reverse biodiversity loss with multiple disciplinary teams to address social economic complexities.
Ecological civilization is a cocept which introduced by China looking at the relationship between the society and nature.

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema
исполнительный секретарь Конвенции ООН по биоразнообразию
Tags: green development, ООН, ЦУР

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