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Абдул Кадыр Хан. Ядерный герой Пакистана

Доктор Абдул Кадыр Хан (Abdul Qadeer Khan)
Физик-ядерщик, профессор
Национальный герой Пакистана

- Abdul Qadeer Khan was loved by our nation because of his critical contribution in making us a nuclear weapon state.
For the people of Pakistan he was a national icon
, - Imran Khan.

- Pakistan never wanted to make nuclear weapons.
It was forced to do so.
I save the country for the first time when I made Pakistan a nuclear natuin and saved it again when I confessed and took the whole blame on myself
, - Abdul Qadeer Khan (from interview in AFP, 2008).

Пакистанцы скорбят по Абдул Кадыр Хану...
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