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ШОС. Сообщество единой Судьбы

Лидер Китая Си Цзиньпин призвал страны ШОС к формированию единой Судьбы Человечества.

- Will stride ahead together with all the progressive forces of the world, and be the builders of World Peace, contributors to global development and defenders of the international order.
Let us hold high the banner of the Shanghai Spirit, stay true to the SCO's founding mission, advance in the right direction of building a community with a shared future for mankind, and embark on a new journey for the development of the SCO.
We should maintain firm confidence in our systems, reject condescending lecturing, and firmly support countries in exploring development paths and governance models that are compatible with their national conditions.
We should support each other in steadily advancing important politica agenda including domestic elections.
We must never allow any external interference in the domestic affairs of countries in our region under whatever pretext.
In short, we should keep the future of our countries development and progress firmly in our hands
- Xi JINPING, the Chairman of the China.

Международные дела нужно решать с позиций международного права
"С позиции силы" международные дела решать нельзя

Нужно быть твердо уверенными в своем политическом устройстве
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