Азиатские тигры (igor_tiger) wrote,
Азиатские тигры

Пекин-2022. Гонконг и Тайвань к Олимпиаде готовы

Гонконг и Тайвань к Пекинской Олимпиаде зимой 2022-го года готовы: https://www.reuters.com/article/idCAKBN2F20U7-OCASP?edition-redirect=ca
В МОК подчеркнули

- China have been extremely clear in 2015 that the Olympic Charters would be respected.
The host city contract is extremely precise about what is expected. We see absolutely no sign that it will be any different.
Everybody welcome
, - Christophe Dubi, IOC Olympic Games director.
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