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Global Tax. Налоговые переводы становятся непривлекательными

Since the Tax Justice Network was established in 2003, we have advocated for four key elements of corporate tax justice: transparency, unitary taxation, a minimum tax rate, and a globally inclusive body to set the rules fairly. We might give this the acronym TUMI (transparency, unitary, minimum, inclusion).

The current proposals would deliver those revenues in such a manifestly unfair way, that they may also sound the death knell for the rich countries’ continuing privilege in setting rules for the world.

Tax Justice Network раскритиковала global tax, инициированный на саммите "Группы 7", а также изложила общий контекст ситуации сформулировала собственные рекомендации: https://taxjustice.net/2021/06/04/is-today-a-turning-point-against-corporate-tax-abuse/

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