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Глобальный налог. Предостережение США

Сенатор Джон Баррасо (John Barrasso)

В США высказали предостережение по поводу "глобального налога": https://www.voanews.com/usa/us-republicans-vow-oppose-yellens-g-7-tax-deal-casting-doubt-its-future

- It's wrong for the United States. I think it's going to be anti-competitive, anti-U.S., harmful for us as we try to continue to grow the economy and certainly at a time when we're coming out of a pandemic, - John Barrasso.

- The deal would drain tax revenues away from the U.S. Treasury to other countries, adding that he hoped some Democrats would be unwilling to subject the American economy to this kind of misery.
There will be no Republican support for this, and they'll have to do this on a party-line vote. That needs to fail
, - Pat Toomey.

В тему. Глобальный налог. Потери для мировой экономики: https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2596950.html

В тему. Глобальный налог. Три предостережения Европы: https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2597708.html
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