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Daily Telegraph: Англо-французский союз усилит НАТО

There are many reasons why this cooperation makes sense.
We are Europe’s only two nuclear powers.
We are the two biggest defence spenders in Europe and are the only two countries in Europe with real, large scale expeditionary military capability.
We are both permanent members of the UN Security Council and leading members in the G8 and G20.
Together, we contribute greatly to NATO’s security because of this.

There is no better time to deepen our relationship with France.
Since President Sarkozy came into office we have seen, with renewed vigour, an attempt to bring Europe and America closer together in partnership and cooperation, and real determination to bring France  deeper into NATO where many of us believe she truly belongs.
The President’s leadership and determination is enhancing France’s leading role in Europe  and on the world stage. So far the outcomes of this have been considerable.
France has since fully rejoined NATO’s Integrated Command Structure and is taking a leading role inside the alliance.
France currently has almost 4,000 troops in Afghanistan  in places where the fighting is at times intense and is the fourth larges troop contributor.
Six French Mirage jets based in Kandahar are providing close air support for coalition forces in the south including British forces in Helmand.
The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, including a British liaison officer already on-board, will soon be arriving in the Indian Ocean to provide greater air power for NATO in Afghanistan.
The Royal Navy is working closely with its French counterpart off the Horn of Africa to combat piracy.

David Cameron and President Sarkozy are right to seize this opportunity. After this week’s summit our defence relationship with France will be taken to a new level, the closest its ever been.
This is not a repeat of Tony Blair’s St Malo summit that called for deeper military co-operation through the EU. Nor is this a push for the EU Army that we oppose.
This isn’t about substitution of British capability but about closer co-operation with our closest European ally. This is about achieving real capability and tangible results.
This is also proof that co-operation in Europe  doesn’t always have to be on a supranational EU level but on a nation-state to nation-state bi-lateral basis.
As made clear in our recent Strategic Defence and Security Review the default position for the UK  is, and will be, to operate as a partner within one alliance or another.
However, the UK  does have unique national interests and we cannot always expect that we can depend on our partners when these interests are threatened.
I want to make it very clear that, if required, we maintain an autonomous capability to sustain a considerable and very capable military force in the field on an enduring basis.
Delivering lethal and effective defence capability in the 21st Century is becoming more expensive. At the same time budgets are under growing pressure.
Therefore we should exploit economies of scale and increase co-operation where national security allows and sovereign capability is not jeopardised.
This isn’t something that has been dreamt up since we entered office.
In Opposition many members of the Shadow Cabinet, including myself, made numerous trips to Paris  to build personal relationships that we knew would prepare us for Government.
I have been calling for closer co-operation with France for years and I am pleased that this Coalition Government can now make this a reality.
It was Henry Kissinger who said we cannot always assure the future of our friends but we have a better chance of assuring our future if we remember who our friends are.
A strong and capable France is in Britain’s military interest and closer Anglo-French cooperation will make NATO stronger.
A closer relationship with France does not mean a weaker relationship with Germany or any other NATO partners.
Nor will it, in anyway, change the Special Relationship with our main global strategic partner, the United States. Quite the contrary; the increased capability and effectiveness that we will achieve through this co-operation will make us stronger partners.
Our NATO allies and the United States want British and French forces to be as capable and interoperable as possible, this is exactly what this new era of Anglo-French cooperation will achieve.

Удар по доминированию американцев


Британия не готова к созданию единых вооруженных сил ЕС
Британия готова к сближению с Францией в области обороны, однако Лондон не готов к созданию единых вооруженных сил Евросоюза. Об этом заявил в британском парламенте премьер Дэвид Кэмерон.

"Объединённая судостроительная корпорация" и французская DCNS, правообладатель проекта «Мистраль», подписали соглашение о создании консорциума. Оно подразумевает участие в проектах по строительству любого типа судов и кораблей, востребованных на рынке. Первым может стать «Мистраль». 

У России есть некоторые наработки по своему участию в натовской системе ПРО, заявил в понедельник глава МИД РФ Сергей Лавров по итогам переговоров с германским коллегой Гидо Вестервелле.

Германия в поиске себя

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