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Сохранить демократию

 The Wall Street Journal публикует статью Тимошенко "Сохранить демократию". 
Лидерка украинской "объединённой оппозиции" утверждает об укреплении авторитаризма, наблюдаемого в течение восьми месяцев президентства Януковича. В обоснование приводится ряд "фактов", почему Тимошенко так считает. 
А в завершение призвала "восстать за украинскую демократию".
We appeal to the international community to be vigilant and safeguard the European values we hold so dearly. In 2004, we already had one fraudulent election, which sparked the Orange Revolution. All the signs indicate we will have another. The time to stand up for Ukrainian democracy is now.

Грузия на перекрёстке
Russia itself ultimately needs stability in the Caucasus more than anything else; a prosperous and stable Georgia would be an important regional partner in helping Russia bring security and peace to the restless peoples of its southern fringe.

1. The hard and even brutal lesson that Georgia needs to learn is this:  NATO’s European members will not accept a rash and headstrong Georgia into the alliance.  Ever.

2. The US supports Georgia and Georgia's aspirations to NATO, but we are not going
to make a bilateral security treaty with Georgia like the one we have with Japan.

3. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Georgia has known two revolutions and depending on how you count them, three civil wars and two significant international ones. New wars could flare up unpredicably, though it seems to me that with the Winter Olympics scheduled in nearby Sochi in 2014, Russia is unlikely to seek new conflicts could spoil its Olympic celebration.

4.Georgia’s situation is to some degree a hostage to developments in Ukraine.  While Ukraine’s government was pushing the country toward NATO membership, Georgia’s aspirations seemed reasonable.  Now, with NATO pretty much off the table for Ukraine, Georgia (despite its border the fellow NATO member Turkey) seems a long way from NATO’s headquarters in Brussels.
The cooling of expansionist fervor in the EU also leaves Georgia exposed. There was a time. not all that long ago. when many observers thought that Turkey and Ukraine would both be joining the EU. It now seems likely that neither country will get an invitation. There is simply no way that Georgia can as far as powerful international organizations and alliances are concerned.

5. An American visiting Georgia is in interesting situation. On the one hand, Georgians are grateful to the US for our support, more than one person told me that without US help Georgia would have long since been eaten by the hungry bear. On the other hand, there's some bitterness that we don't do more.
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