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 Может ли Китай стать сверхдержавой?
...To be sure, China has a long way to go before its average citizen enjoys living standarts resembling those in Europe or the US.

Beijing's foreign policy has focused on the acquisition of natural resources in order to fuel its resource-hungry economic engine. For obvious reasons, the country has paid strategic attention to securing the shipping lanes that supply its voracious appetite for imports and its prodigious output of exports. But efforts to protect transportation lanes have made China's neighbors nervous.
The so-called "String of Pearls" in Asia, a series of alliances and strategic sea ports spanning the route from China all the way to the Persian Gulf, is viewed by some as the precursor to a future structure of naval bases that would give China's fast-growing navy easy access and military power over much of Asia. India, for one, finds the String of Pearls troubling and is pushing back.

Chinese President Hu Jintao has repeatedly intoned the mantra that China wants "a harmonious ocean" and "would never seek hegemony." India is not so sure. To counter China's regional push, New Delhi is developing its own "Look East" policy, building strategic alliances with other Asian nations, such as South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Beijing may be focusing on Asia, but its reach spans the entire globe. China has become Africa's biggest trading partner.
In Latin America, too, China has become a major player.

China is clearly emerging as another pole of power -- perhaps returning us to a "bipolar" world. There is no guarantee that China will emerge as a full-fledged strategic adversary of the U.S. and the West, but it is already evident that American influence is diminished by having to secure Chinese support for certain international goals, such as international sanctions against Iran, for example. Those who questioned the morality of America as the sole superpower, finding Washington's values and practices objectionable, may find a world in which Beijing  exerts greater power an even-more distressing place. Just ask this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Может ли Индия стать сверхдержавой?
....Sixty years on, India’s is a much stronger player on the international stage. Yet in its quest for major power status it can learn a thing or two from its past. The key point is that the power of argument is as important as the argument of power. Two years at the UNSC will hopefully provide ample opportunity to hone our skill in setting the agenda of world politics.
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