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Премьер Имран Хан посетил Афганистан

Пакистанский премьер Имран Хан посетил Афганистан: https://www.dawn.com/news/1591240/pakistan-will-do-everything-possible-to-reduce-violence-in-afghanistan-says-pm-imran-on-maiden-kabul-visit

И по результатам визита, пообещал "сделать всевозможное".
Чтобы в Афганистане прекратилось насилие и соблюдалось перемирие.

- The idea of visiting at a time when violence is increasing [in Afghanistan] is to assure you, President Ghani, that the people and the government of Pakistan have only one concern; peace in Afghanistan, - премьер Имран Хан.

Первый премьерский визит Имрана Хана в Кабул

- We notice with concern that the level of violence despite the talks in Qatar, is rising.
Pakistan will do everything, whatever is possible, we will do to help reduce this violence and in fact move towards a ceasefire
, - Imran Khan.
И подчеркнул: The only way to help people on both sides of the border is by peace, trade and connectivity.

Афганский президент Ашраф Гани в свою очередь, призвал восстанавливать доверие.
По мере восстановления двусторонних отношений.
- We have come to an understanding that a shared vision regarding cooperation is not only essential for relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, but a harbinger of regional cooperation, connectivity.
And I would like to inform the media that within a short period I would be honoured to accept your invitation to visit the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
, - Ashraf Ghani.

Между Афганистаном и Пакистаном в предыдущие месяцы активизировался двусторонний диалог на высшем уровне.
Так, Исламабад уже посетили афганские премьер Абдулла Абдулла и спикер Рахман Рахмани, а также министр торговли Нисар Ахмад Горайни.
Недавно Пакистан также посетил Гульбеддин Хекматияр, лидер "Хизб-и-Ислами".
Ну и как видим, приглашение также посетил афганский президент Ашраф Гани.

По результатам переговоров, Имран Хан и Ашраф Гани представили "дорожную карту" постконфликтного урегулирования.
"Shared vision between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Islamic Republic of Pakistan to support peace and stability in both countries and the wider region"

Несколько основных позиций афгано-пакистанского "общего видения":
- That Afghanistan and Pakistan should enjoy a "special relationship" founded on predictability, transparency, mutual and full respect for one another's sovereignty, and on expanding and furthering their mutual interests through state-to-state mechanisms;
- Afghanistan's posture of "multi-alignment" with other countries, pursuing a number of friendly relationships, "presents a real opportunity for the two countries to exploit and conversely presents no threat";
- Neither country's territory should be used for "malicious purposes" against the other's territory, and that both countries should work together to "identify and tackle enemies of peace";
- Regional connectivity should be broadened and deepened, with an emphasis on trade, free movement of people, goods and services, opening of trade and customs posts, and transport and energy infrastructure development, aiming for regional development dividends greater than what each country might expect to achieve alone;
- Safe, time-bound and dignified return of Afghan refugees from Pakistan would help the two countries address the humanitarian and socio-economic challenges associated with population displacement;

Прим. Напомню, визит премьера Пакистана состоялся на фоне межафганских переговоров с талибами, которые проходят в Дохе.
В состав премьерной пакистанской делегации также вошли:
Глава МИД Махмуд Куреши, директор ISI Фаиз Хамид, спецпосланник по Афганистану Мухаммад Саддик, советник по торговле и инвестициям Абудуль Разак Давуд.

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