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США и КНДР. Переговоры в любой момент

США готовы к переговорам с КНДР "в любой момент".
Об этом заявили в Госдепартаменте.

Денуклеаризация принесет КНДР процветание (вместо краха правящего режима): https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20201029000200325
- That North Koreans were able to create nuclear weapons and long-range missiles despite years of sanctions proves that they are smart, hardworking and creative.
If they channeled that into real economy, North Korea could be rich. It could be very prosperous and Chairman Kim could then, rather than being deposed, he could be viewed as someone who has brought peace and prosperity. That's the vision that we've attempted to lay out.
What the President tried to paint for Chairman Kim, for the North Korean people, is an alternative vision....that the nuclear weapons are not going to bring you prosperity. They're not really going to even bring you security.
But if you get rid of your nuclear weapons, the potential for North Korea is limitless, - заявил Роберт О"Брайен, советник президента США по нацбезопасности

США и Сеул скоординировали позиции по "корейскому вопросу".
По результатам визита южнокорейского советника по нацбезопасности Сух Хуна в Вашингтон.
- Our ironclad alliance is stronger than ever, and continues to grow to meet all regional and global challenges, - подчеркнул О"Брайен: https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20201015002753325

Напомню, южнокорейский президент Мун с высокой трибуны Объединенных Наций, во время сессии Генассамблеи, призвал к окончанию Корейской войны.
Прекращение войны по его словам, могут дать динамику к возобновлению и активизации дальнейших межкорейских переговоров.
В Госдепартаменте США эту инициативу назвали "творческим подходом" (Стив Биган), но выразили поддержку.

Недавно южнокорейский постпред в ООН уточнил: нет мира - без денуклеаризации.
- The government’s position is that permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula and complete denuclearization are two goals that cannot be compromised. The government’s position is that one cannot be sacrificed to achieve the other.
I don’t think declaring an end to the war is being sought without a resolution to the denuclearization issue
, - заявил Чхо Гьюн, постпред РК в ООН.

Декларация о прекращении Корейской войны - неотъемлема в процессе денуклеаризации, подчеркнул Майк Помпео.

Госсекретарь Майк Помпео также суммировал ход корейского процесса, который в целом, обозначил как успешный.
The top US diplomat insisted the US would not be where it is now without its diplomatic efforts toward the communist state. "So the agreement, the understandings, albeit not achieving our ultimate objective in North Korea, has certainly led to reduced risk from the United States vis where we would have been had we continued on the path that the previous administration had engaged in, - подчеркнул Помпео.
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