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Afghan peace. Five China's principles

В тему. Afghanistan. Make peace again: https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2434898.html

Госсоветник и глава МИД Китая Ван И выразил поддержку афганскому мирному процессу.

- Cessation of violence and durable peace is the strongest wish of over 37 million Afghan people and the shared expectation of the regional countries and the international community, - заявил Ван И.

Накануне пять принципов афганского мирного процесса обозначил китайский МИД:
1. We should stick to the fundamental direction of political settlement. Dialogue and negotiation are the only way out for the Afghan issue. All parties related to the Afghan peace talks are brothers and sisters, therefore they should follow the trend of the times and the voice of the people, wipe off old grudges and divergences, and achieve real reconciliation. It is hoped that the political parties in Afghanistan to be confident, patient, sincere, and determined in the peace talks.

2. We should adhere to the basic principle of Afghan-led. The destiny of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Afghan people, and the concept of "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned" should be earnestly safeguarded. No country should engage in geopolitical competition in Afghanistan, and no one should pursue personal gains on the Afghan issue.

3. We should adhere to a comprehensive and inclusive framework. All parties in the negotiations should, through concerted efforts, build a political framework that allows all political parties and organizations, ethnic groups and religious groups in Afghanistan to take an equal part and share rights, and ensure that it is broad-based and inclusive. Meanwhile, all parties should resolutely combat terrorism, and pursue an external policy featuring peace and friendship.

4. We should stay committed to a solution that addresses both the symptoms and the root causes of the issue. Apart from the suffering chaos brought by the war, which is the greatest challenge, Afghanistan also faces other conundrums such as poverty, refugees, and drug issues, which call on all parties to contribute their wisdom and work together. It is hoped that all parties concerned will bear in mind the general picture of Afghanistan's national interest and people's livelihood and work together, so as to realize a virtuous circle of peace and development in Afghanistan.

5. We should remain committed to international efforts that are righteous and responsible. The international community and regional countries should adhere to fairness and justice, and push the negotiations towards peace, instead of away from peace. Foreign military forces should withdraw from the country in a responsible and orderly manner to prevent terrorist forces from taking opportunity to cause tumult, so as to ensure a smooth transition of the situation in Afghanistan.
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