Азиатские тигры (igor_tiger) wrote,
Азиатские тигры

Тайвань под растущей угрозой

 В обоснование "оружейных поставок".

First, the number of PLA cruise missiles is growing - perhaps by 100 in the past year. (The Defense Department's estimate of existing missiles is between 200 and 500.)
, China's ability to frustrate U.S. intervention to defend Taiwan increases apace.
, the ballistic missiles themselves are becoming more accurate and have more effective munitions. Even if the number of missiles has remained constant, the damage they can do to Taiwan's command and control, airfields, ports and other infrastructure is increasing. The scale of the potential damage is what is important to Taiwan's security, not the precise number of missiles.

What are the implications of these developments?
First, Taiwan needs to continue to strengthen its deterrence.
Second, the United States should continue to sell arms to Taiwan to help it build that deterrence and reduce the island's sense of vulnerability.
Third, China examine the counterproductive effect of its military builup.

Tags: Китай, США, Тайвань
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