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Covid-19. Угроза сохраняется

ВОЗ официально сделала новые предупреждения по поводу сохраняющихся угроз коронавируса Covid-19: https://www.france24.com/en/20200622-coronavirus-pandemic-is-still-accelerating-who-warns

В Дубаи
На международном медицинском форуме, который состоялся в режиме онлайн-конференции

- The pandemic is still accelerating.
We know that the pandemic is much more than a health crisis, it is an economic crisis, a social crisis and in many countries a political crisis. Its effects will be felt for decades to come
, - предупреждает Генеральный директор ВОЗ.

- The greatest threat facing the world is not the virus itself, which has now killed over 465,000 people and infected nearly nine million worldwide, but the lack of global solidarity and global leadership, - уточнил доктор Тедрос Гебрейсус.

- We cannot defeat this pandemic with a divided world. The politicisation of the pandemic has exacerbated it, - подчеркнули в ВОЗ.
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