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США-Китай. "Торговая война" опаснее коронавируса

Основная задача в интересах общемировой стабильности - не допустить "технологической войны" между США и Китаем: https://ru.reuters.com/article/asia/idUSKBN23P1PQ
Это даже опаснее, чем эпидемия коронавирусной эпидемии.

Европа в этом американо-китайском противостоянии будет среди основных пострадавших.

- When it comes to the kind of US-China trade war, the tech war which is unfolding, the possibility of a finance war, it's something which is going to be longer lasting, it's going to be more damaging, and it's definitely going to bring huge uncertainty. We have a complete reliance on American semiconductors, as does China. We also have a huge market here (in China), - заявил Jörg Wuttke (BASF)

- When two elephants dance it's hard to stand aside and not be impacted. But the coronavirus is one challenge that I think can be handled, - подчеркнул Jörg Wuttke (BASF)
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