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Сеул-Пхеньян. Коридор сотрудничества

Южнокорейский президент Мун призвал к возобновлению межкорейских переговоров.
И в частности, нынешнюю вспышку коронавируса оценил как возможность для возобновления сотрудничества.

- We should not only watch the US-North Korea dialogue, but search and do what can be done between the two Koreas.
Both South and North Korea are putting a lot of efforts into dealing with the coronavirus, and even if it is successfully contained this time, many experts expect a second wave of the pandemic. Under the circumstances, if the two Koreas cooperate on preventing this infectious disease, it will contribute to hygiene and public health for all people both in the South and the North
, - Moon Jae-in.

- Still, North Korea has not responded, - подчеркнул Мун.

Мун также сделал уточнение по вопросу санкций, подчеркнув, что сотрудничество против распространения коронавируса ни в коей мере не противоречит действующему санкционному режиму.
- It is worth pushing actively as a priority because it does not infringe upon UN Security Council sanctions, and contributes to hygiene and health of all people both in the South and the North, - подчеркнул Мун.

Следует отметить, Мун сказал о необходимости возобновить межкорейские переговоры по ходу сессии вопросов\ответов, которая прошла после его спецобращения.
Непосредственно в президентском спецобращении Мун упомянул о межкорейских переговорах вскользь.
К тому же, в общем контексте международного сотрудничества, где в центре in the post-COVID-19 era поставлен "human security".

- We will lead an international order of solidarity and cooperation that prioritizes people's lives and safety. The creative methods and principles of openness, transparency and democracy that we have shown in our efforts to combat the virus have become a world-class success model. Our society has created this together as a whole. Actions like volunteering and donating combined with the spirit of solidarity and cooperation have established the Republic of Korea's national status and become a source of international leadership.
We will make the most of this opportunity. Building upon successful epidemic prevention efforts, we will lead international cooperation in the post-COVID-19 era while placing "human security" at the center. The concept of security today has expanded from conventional military security to human security that deals with all factors threatening safety such as disasters, diseases and environmental issues. We can cope with these only when all countries pull together through solidarity and cooperation. We will play a leading role so that Northeast Asia, ASEAN and the rest of the world can move forward toward the common goal of human security through solidarity and cooperation.
I hope that South and North Korea will move toward a single community of life and a peace community by cooperating on human security
, - Moon Jae-in.

Основным приоритетом Мун назвал укрепление экономики: https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2342988.html
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