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Seoul. High-tech factory of the world

Ровно три года президентству южнокорейского Мун Чже Ина.
10 мая

Южнокорейский президент выступил со спецобращением к народу: https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200510001600325

Мун основное внимание уделил экономике.
Укрепление экономики обозначено приоритетной задачей.
Особенно, на фоне торговых войн, споров и распространения коронавируса
to build a “pioneering economy” in the post-COVID-19 era

Тем более, что посткризисное восстановление уже дорого обходится Сеулу.
$200 млрд - на данный момент (10% ВВП)
И это скорее всего, не предел.

- The post-COVID-19 global economic order is by no means a rosy picture. We have vividly witnessed how fragile the international community's solidarity and cooperation is in the face of this virus.
The reality is grave, indeed. Nationalism driven by the pursuit of one country's own survival may expand further. The division of labor in the era of globalization, which has been driving economic development worldwide to date, is under threat. It is also a very serious challenge to our economy, which has grown through openness and cooperation.
If we fail to turn this crisis into an opportunity, we cannot survive. It's a desperate time; we must prepare for the future in a preemptive manner
, - Moon Jae-in

Основной приоритет в посткризисном восстановлении сделан на развитие high-tech industries.
- The Republic of Korea has become the safest and most transparent production base in the world. Countries around the world have now begun to prefer innovative capabilities and safe investment destinations to cheap labor. This presents a golden opportunity for us. We will push ahead with bold strategies to attract high-tech industries and investments from overseas as well as to help Korean companies return from abroad. The Republic of Korea will become a "world factory of high-tech industries," thereby changing the global industrial map, - задача Сеулу поставлена.

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