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ВОЗ про "предупреждение", которого не было

В тему исследования обстоятельств Covid-19: https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2339108.html

Про "предупреждение" Тайваня, которого не было.
ВОЗ сделала также несколько уточнений по поводу "тайваньского предупреждения"

Комментарий Стивена Соломона (юридический совет ВОЗ) от 4 мая 2020 года
- Did Taiwan Centre for Disease Control warn WHO on December 31, 2019?
The answer is: No they didn't.
They did send an email, but that email was not a warning.
It was a request for more information on cases of atypical pneumonia, reported by news sources.
Others, in fact, sent similar emails that same day, also asking for more information.
Since Taiwan has made the message public, I'll read out the full content today.
News resources today, indicate that at least seven atypical pneumonia cases were reported in Wuhan, China.
Their healgth authorities replied to the media that the cases were believed not SARS.
Howere, the samples are still under examination and cases have been isolated for treatment I would greatly appreciate it if you have relevant information to share with us.
The email wasn't a warning and it only contained information that WHO alread had picked up from internet reports.
It's also important to say that the Wuhan situation had already been captured by WHO on that day, 31 December 2019
WHO activated its incident Management Protocols the next day on January 1st.
And then, along with embedded scientists from other governments, WHO began the work, which continues to this day, analysing the dato and seeking additional information.
We know there are also questions about Taiwan's participation in WHO expert meetings and questions about their participation in the World Health Assembly.
WHO is an intergovernmental organization, meaning that countries decide how the organization is structured and on its policies.
Some 49 years ago, the UN and WHO decided that there was only one legitimate representatives of China within the UN System. And that is the People's Republic of China. That decision still stands. Regarding expert meetings on technical health matters.
Last year, Taiwanese experts were included at eight expert meetings and there were six other informal technical meetings.
This year, in response, to Covid-19, Taiwanese experts are involved in key groups and networks.
We've had telephone conferences with their CDC, and will do so again.
And as noted, their IHR contact point links their CDC directly to WHO headquarters.
In the Covid-19 response especially, they have had notable successes and we appreciate their contributions.
Regarding the World Health Assembly, the next one will be in two weeks starting on May 18th.
The involvement, if any of Taiwanese observers in that assemly, is a question for the 194 governments of WHO.
This is not something that WHO Secretariate has authority to decide.
It is not the role of WHO Staff to be involved in geopolitical issues.
In fact, our principles of neutrality and impartiality exist to keep us out of these issues and to promote the role of evidence based science in all our work.

Комментарий Дерека Вальтона (юридический совет ВОЗ) от 6 мая 2020 года
- The involvement, if any, of observers from Taiwan, China, in that assembly is a question for the 194 members of WHO, the member governments, it's their decision.
And indedd, a proposal has already been made, as it has been in recent years, for this matter to be considered by the Health Assembly itself. And that is a question which is properly for the Member States.
But whether or not Taiwanese observers participate.
In the Health Assembly, there are well-established arrangements for health experts from Taiwan, China to work with WHO on technical health matters.
And I think we've already explained in some detail at previous briefings how that's worked that last year, for example, Taiwanese experts were included at 8 expert meetings and that there was 6 other, informal, technical meetings and this year there have been contacts in response to Covid-19 involving Taiwanese experts in key groups and networks.
For this year, as I say, the question is for the Health Assemly it's for the Member States, rather than the Secretariat to decide that question

В тему: про то, как "пять глаз" моргали, но проморгали https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2339108.html
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