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US warns DPRK: we have peaceful goal

США зробили заяву щодо неприпустимості провокаційної та агресивної поведінки КНДР.
Для попередження.

Напередодні у Раді Безпеки ООН відбулось засідання.
за ініціативою США.
Нагадаю, США у грудні головують на засіданнях РБ.

- Let me be clear: the US and the Security Council have a goal - not a deadline, - підкреслила Kelly Craft.

- If events prove otherwise, we, this Security Council, must all be prepared to act accordingly.
We remain ready to take actions in parallel, and to simultana take concrete steps towards this agreement.
We are prepared to be flexible in how we approach this matter
, - зазначила UN's permanent representative of the USA.

- Missile and nuclear testing will not bring the DPRK greater security.
We trust that the DPRK will turn away from further hostility and threats, and instead make a bold decision to engage with us
, - Kelly Craft.

- North Korea should remain meaningfully engaged in dialogue with the US and South Korea so that progress in negotiations can lead to concrete results, - Cho Hyun, південокорейський постпред також брав участь під час засідання.

- The Security Council must revisit sanctions to alleviate the suffering of the North Korean people and create a fruitful environment for dialogue, - Zhang Jun висловив позицію Китая.

- It is not too late. You can stop this situation from worsening, - Francois Delattre and Christoph Heusgen in common (from France and Germany respectively).

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