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Турция как сверхдержава

1. Турция как демократическая сверхдержава
....Since coming to power in 2002, the AKP, which models itself on Europe's conservative Christian Democratic parties, has steadily chipped away at the military's self-ascribed role as the protector of Turkish democracy. Instead, the AKP has provided Turks with a model of governance that reflects a commitment to constitutional democracy and the rule of law, but without the need to forcibly repress the country's religious identity.
Not only has Turkey become a freer, more liberal, more inclusive and more democratic country under the AKP, it has also become a more dominant global power and has experienced an unprecedented period of economic growth. Indeed, the Turkish economy has come out of the global recession stronger than ever, posting a 10.3% growth in GDP in the second quarter of this year. That makes Turkey the third-fastest-growing economy in the world behind Singapore and Taiwan.
....Some have even suggested that Turkey, the only Muslim member of NATO, is turning away from its strategic alliance with the West and instead building an "Islamic axis" against America's interests in the region.
This is nonsense. It is not Islam that drives the AKP's foreign or domestic policy but rather its economic and national security interests. If Turkey has been focusing its diplomatic efforts on the Middle East, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf, it is because that is where its economic growth is coming from, not from Europe or the United States.

2. Хорошие и плохие новости из Турции
....Civilian supremacy over the military is becoming firmly established. All this is good news for Turkish democracy.  Turkey is becoming more, not less, democratic. And the European Union’s Commission is the first to recognize this development.

....In fact, Turkey has come a long way in “freedom of expression” in the last 10 years. There were many more journalists in jail during the 1990s compared to today. Yet, listening to the Doğan media group you would think that Turkish journalists risk their lives when they criticize the government. This is certainly not the case. Turkey is not Russia and Erdoğan is not Putin. If you don’t believe me, just ask the European Union.
If all is good in Turkey, where is the bad news then?

The bad news is that Turks are no longer interested in the European Union. According to the recent German Marshall Fund Transatlantic Trends survey, the support for EU membership has dropped to around 35%. 

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