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Legislate Peace. Слово в поддержку DPCW

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Несколько слов в поддержку Декларации о мире и прекращении войн (DPCW).

- We have to work for peace. A nation cannot exist without its people, and vice versa. We are the same people. And we are one family of the global community. Now, we should love and help one another and create a peaceful world together. I would like to make an earnest request to the president of South Korea as well as heads of state around the world. Please sign in support of the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW.
Let us create a peaceful world without war where our children and grandchildren will live. We need to advance the arrival of peace.
The DPCW will be submitted to the United Nations soon. What should we leave for future generations?
It’s not money or power but a legacy of peace. We should think, “Who else but us would do this?” and everyone should move forward. Dear all around the world, let us become messengers of peace and complete a world of peace as soon as possible.

Man Hee Lee, the Chairman HWPL

- Allow me to begin by congratulating you on the 5th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL
World Peace Summit. I strongly support your activities and fully endorse the Declaration of
Peace and Cessation of War.
The reunification of the Korean Peninsula could be the best example for a peaceful resolution of a long-lasting conflict that could be emulated by other countries and entities as well, to solve their own tensions. Let us all come
together to support it, as we started five years ago, in 2014, under the passionate slogan “Together for Peace as Messengers of Peace”. It is our moral duty as educators, to ensure peace for the generations to come
Emil Constantinescu, former president of Romania

- I’m Ivo Josipović?, the Former President of the Republic of Croatia. I am very happy to congratulate HWPL for organizing a very important peace education conference on 19th September this year.
It is very important to educate the young people about peace keeping, peace movement, and ideal peace especially
in country like Koreas that are divided by the war. I’d like to encourage teachers and other educators not only in Korea but in the whole world to educate the young people about the importance of peace. Furthermore, peace is precondition for any development and for all recent human activities.
So, let’s have a good meeting. Congratulation to everyone and have peace and develop the whole
Ivo Josipović, former President of Croatia

- Your conference has taken place at a very crucial stage as it relates the world peace. We have recently witnessed a withdrawal of the United States from treaty limited intermediate nuclear weapons within a range of 500 to 5000 miles. The international political atmosphere is very tense. It has never been in such a dangerous position.
Instead of limiting countries with nuclear weapons, we see a proliferation of such countries taking place. It is therefore important to lift the consciousness of people’s the world over and to get them involved in halting the proliferation of their weapons of mass destruction. Neither issues that call for international dialogue to lead towards solution and justice, we cannot attain world peace and disarmament in isolation from those issues crying out for our attention and solidarity. The HWPL leadership must be congratulated and supported in the initiatives. The HWPL leadership must be congratulated and supported in the initiatives. It is taking to bring about a better and safer world.

Donald Ramotar, former president of Guyana

- I recently pledged my full support for the adoption of this declaration of peace. Here in the Caribbean, Belize and other countries of our region will be working in a coalition, of past and present leaders, to pursue vision and the goals of the declaration of peace to eradicate the structure of causes of violence and conflict, among nations by pursuing peaceful means, dialog and settlement of disputes through law and justice. I especially wish to pay tribute to Chairman Lee, for all the inspiring work that you do, to bring peace to our troubled world.
Said Musa, former prime minster of Belize
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