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DMZ. Peace cooperation zone

Южнокорейский президент Мун Чже Ин был завершающим в первый день дебатов на Генассамблее ООН.

Основное внимание Мун уделил построению мира на Корейском полуострове. И выступил с основной инициативой: DMZ признать как историческое достояние, наследие ЮНЕСКО, а также как зону сотрудничества в интересах мира.

- The DMZ is a common heritage of manking, the value of which should be shared by the world.
Once peace between the two Koreas is established I will push for listing the DMZ as a UNESCO World Heritage jointly with North Korea.
Today I propose making the DMZ that cuts the Korean Peninsula across the middle into an international peace zone based on these priciples: the principles are preventing war, mutual security guarantees between the two Koreas and the two sides achieving prosperity together.
Establishing an international peace zone will provide a systematic and practical security guarantee for North Korea
, - Moon Jae-In.

- >South Korea plans </b>to create a virtuous circle where peace leads to economic cooperation, and economic cooperation in turn further consolidation peace</i> - the South President's Moon.

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