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США призывают к диалогу между Сеулом и Токио

США призывают установить диалог между Сеулом и Токио, а также найти "креативные решения" для урегулирования двусторонних торговых разногласий.

Диалог - не медиация или арбитраж.

- The US recommends Japan and the Republic of Korea find the space for creative solutions to their disagreements.
The US will continue engaging on these issues and stands ready to facilitate dialogue between our two allies.
As an ally and friend to both the Republic of Korea and Japan, the US believes it is critical to ensure strong and close relationship between and among our three countries in the face of our shared regional challenges, including those posed by the DPRK as well as our other priorities in the Indo-Pacific and around the world
, - US State Department's statement (August 13th).

- South Korea and Japan are fighting all the time.
They've got to get along because it puts us in a very bad position
, - Трамп накануне высказался в twitter (August 9).

Официальный Сеул подтвердил готовность к диалогу:
- Better late than never: if Japan chooses the path of dialogue and cooperation, we will gladly join hands. We will strive with Japan to create an East Asia that engages in fair trade and cooperation, - южнокорейский президент Мун в своем выступлении по случаю Дня освобождения: https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2252580.html

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