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День освобождения отметили в Корее

15 августа - День национального Освобождения отметили в Корее.
74 годовщина.

Второй по значимости корейский национальный праздник.
После Дня независимости (1 марта).

Впервые за предыдущие 15 лет торжественные празднования снова состоялись во Дворце Независимости.
В Чонане (84 км. от Сеула).
В Корее повсеместно наблюдается подъем патриотических настроений.

Южнокорейский президент Мун Чже Ин произнес торжественную речь, в которой обозначил основные задачи национального возрождения.
Let us build a new nation that will not be shaken - Moon Jae-in

- Liberation was not just a cause for celebration for us alone. It was a day that marked the end of longstanding wars that had raged for over 60 years, including the First Sino-Japanese War, the Russo-Japanese War, the Manchurian Incident, the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War.
It was also the day of liberation for East Asia.

- Until recently, Korea has been playing catch-up on advanced countries, but now our economy is evolving into one that helps set the pace, taking on challenges ahead of other countries. In the face of Japan's unwarranted export restrictions, we will continue our determined march toward a responsible economic powerhouse.
We will transform the structure of our economy into an ecosystem marked by inclusiveness and co-existence.
We will also channel our efforts into enhancing the competitiveness of domestic materials, parts and equipment industries through mutually beneficial cooperation between SMEs and conglomerates as well as between labor and management. By encouraging scientists and engineers to take on new challenges and embracing unsuccessful attempts, we will build an economy that will never be shaken.

- We aim to build a country that serves as a bridge by taking the lead in promoting peace and prosperity on the continent and out in the ocean.
In geopolitical terms, no other country in the world is surrounded by four major powers as we are. When Korea didn't have much clout and was deemed insignificant, the Korean Peninsula was also cast to the periphery of the continent and ocean and was even reduced to an arena where global powers competed. This is the history that we had to endure.
However, if we build a strong nation, we will be able to play a leading role in upholding peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia, connecting the continent with the ocean. We must turn our country's geopolitical position into a strength. We must establish a clear goal to take the initiative and not be pushed around by others anymore.
The people-centered community of peace and prosperity that my government seeks to build is all about promoting peace and prosperity on the entire Korean Peninsula first and then spreading them to East Asia and the whole world.

- According to IMF estimates, Korea will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its GDP per capita will surpass 40,000 USD around year 2024.
In addition, if we combine the capabilities of the two Koreas, even while maintaining our respective political systems, it will be possible to create a unified market of 80 million people. Once the Korean Peninsula is unified, it is expected to become one of the six largest economies in the world. There have been research findings both at home and abroad that concludes that an era of GDP per capita of 70,000 to 80,000 USD will be possible around 2050.
It is clear that there will be enormous economic benefits from peace and unification. New markets and opportunities will open up for both South and North Korean businesses. Both Koreas will be able to reduce not only huge defense expenditures but also the invisible cost of the division, the so-called 'Korea Discount'. We will also be able to find solutions to problems we currently face, such as low growth, low birth rate and an aging society.
However, the hopes and passions that will stoke the hearts of the people just as they did on that day of liberation will be more important than anything else. There can be no greater driving force for economic growth than hope and passion.

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