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Корея vs Япония: эффект для экономики

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№1. "South Korea's economy continues to face pressure in exports and investments, mainly due to the prolonged trade war between the US and China.
Japan's export control measures, while remaining a core risk factor, will not affect Seoul's growth outlook"

Green Book. Ministry Finance's Report. Republic of Korea. July 2019

№2. "The Japan-imposed curbs could be viewed as an attempt to contain Korea in the upcoming competition in the semiconductor industry.
Especially, in the non-memory sector, Japan could be wanting to hamper Korea's plan to be the leader in logic chips"

HI Investments and securities. Report of the South Korea's consulting agency

№3. Moody's предупреждает, что при затягивании во времени торгового спора между Токио и Сеулом будет негативный эффект на развитие global tech sector (который и так сейчас преодолевает спад).
По сути, идет конкурентная война между Японией и Южной Кореей.
"The weakening of one economy could increase the standing of the other, because they are competitors on a wide range of manufactured goods" - Moody's.

Как повлияет на Китай?
"China is another supplier to Korea for the materials, but it will likely take time for China to increase capacity.
Such a situation will have adverse effects globally, and comes at an already weak time for the global tech sector"
- Moody's.

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