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Защита моря. Практика Индонезии

Индонезия, королева морей и океанов, имеет хороший опыт по защите моря: https://www.opengovasia.com/exclusive-how-indonesia-uses-technology-to-protect-its-waters-and-fishing-industry/
и для обеспечения мира на море, а также по противодействию браконьерству и прочим незаконным промыслам.

Есть целевая программа, работает отдельная спецгруппа.

In 2017, Indonesia stepped forward as the first nation in the world to publicly share Vessel Monitoring System data in a publicly-available data platform, Global Fishing Watch (GFW).
According to the GFW’s press release, the lack of transparency in the fishing industry hinders informed resource management decisions, resulting in rampant Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing and encourages other associated illegal activities such as drug and human trafficking.
“The outcome of this collaboration is a surveillance system that has the capability to analyse combined data from Vessel Monitoring System and Automatic Identification System. The platform displays data and information of the vessels, among others vessel identity, location, speed, and direction, which enable public to monitor illegal fishing activity,” he added.
Transparency through the public exchange of VMS data would not only assist countries in better monitoring their territorial waters, but also facilitate cooperative regional surveillance and enforcement. In this regard, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti also called on all coastal nations to follow Indonesia’s example.
From sovereignty to sustainability
According to Mr Hardijianto, MMAF has forged partnership with the UK Space Agency and a British satellite company to support surveillance activities. The cooperation aims to enhance the safety, productivity and food security of Indonesian fishers and their communities by improving the effectiveness and process of monitoring and enforcement efforts of regulators through technology.
“This cooperation is highly beneficial for Indonesia, particularly for marine and fisheries resources surveillance. The historical data transmitted by the satellite could be analysed and utilised as preliminary basis in performing intercept operation,” he explained.
“As the outcome of maintaining sovereignty and surveillance, fish stocks rose and fisherman catches increased,” he said.
As the efforts of MMFA and the Task Force 115 began to pay off, MMAF’s began to focus more on sustainability. In 2017, the Ministry made efforts to promote sustainable development of the fisheries industry by supporting fishermen with more environmental friendly fishing gears and ensuring distribution flow.
At the same time, MMAF increased its focus on the aquaculture sector, such as developing offshore floating net cages and the use of biofloc [1] technology in catfish culturing. The Ministry also plays a role in educating the public about sustainable seafood consumption.
To assist in the documentation process of developments on outer islands as a basis for exporting Indonesia’s fisheries products, the Ministry also uses drones to monitor the construction progress, from ground breaking to completion.
“In 2018, sustainability remains our focus,” said Mr Hardijianto.
This year, MMAF will continue to: (1) facilitate local fishermen to change their fishing gear by providing free and timely licensing facilities and (2) support aquaculture programs such as catfish culture by biofloc and off shore floating net cage.
Furthermore, Mr Hardijianto stated that Indonesia remains committed to its fight against IUU fishing through active participation in international fora and engagements with related international institutions or agencies.
According to Mr Hardijianto, the Ministry uses technology and social media to facilitate citizen engagement and collect public feedback.
“Stakeholders, especially fishers and fish farmers, can also use social media to inform the ministry about their needs in conducting fisheries-related activities,” he said.
In addition, MMFA is encouraging fishers to use its online portals, such as the license portal, to access public service.

Одного морского патруля недостаточно: https://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/2174153.html
Необходима координация.
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