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Планы Huawei

Huawei вынашивает большие планы на 2018-й год: http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/12/18/chinas-huawei-to-expand-in-us-smartphone-market-next-year/
Например, расширить позиции на рынке смартфонов в США, выйти на рынок Японии.
Стать ТОР-2 на мировом рынке смартфонов...

Huawei reported 2016 profit of 37 billion yuan ($5.4 billion) on revenue of 521.6 billion yuan ($75.6 billion). The company is owned by its employees, with no publicly traded shares, but reports financial results in an effort to allay security concerns in the United States and Europe.
Helped by a strong position in China, India and other developing markets, sales by its premium-priced Huawei and mid-market Honor smartphone brands have grown faster than those of Samsung or Apple. That prompted suggestions Huawei might pass its American rival.
In the latest quarter, Huawei’s handset shipments rose 16.1 percent over a year earlier to 39.1 million, well ahead of Apple’s 2.6 percent growth to sales of 46.7 million, according to IDC. Samsung sales expanded 9.5 percent to 83.3 million units.
“We are a Top 3 smartphone supplier but we are very close to the Top 2. So maybe quickly we can be Top 2,” said Yu.
“Our strength is in developed markets,” where consumers will pay for performance, said Yu. “We are not a cheap, low-cost company.”

“I think next year is a very important year for Huawei” (с)
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