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Кто такие peace messengers

Мы видели Парад мира:

Сейчас о том, кто такие peace messengers.

Чтобы лучше передать атмосферу праздника, добавлю еще один штрих.

Парад мира был не только непосредственно торжественный фестиваль, прошедший в Сувоне.
На самом деле участников было гораздо больше. По всему миру.

Ни один стадион в мирене смог бы вместить всех желающих.
HWPL нашла оптимальный выход и организовала для трансляцию.
В результате, одновременно по всему миру соединились в едином параде посланники и волонтеры. Независимо от стран, континентов, рас и национальностей либо часовых поясов. Тот самый случай, когда не только хорошо чувствуется атмосфера праздника, но и дух глобального единства и совместного управления. Тот самый случай, когда можно сказать We are One в глобальном, планетарном масштабе.

Мир объединяет Корею и весь мир

62 города из одной только Южной Кореи - и каждый город, друг за другом, вышел на прямую трансляцию, сказав свои несколько приветственных речей участникам саммита. Тот самый случай, когда Мир объединяет Корею.
12 регионов мира - в том числе, территориально далекие от Кореи, а также регионы "горячих конфликтов" (например, в Африке или на Балканах).
Несколько десятков стран. Как Запада, так и Востока; развитые и развивающиеся страны; крупные мегаполисы США, Западной Европы, а также Китая (Пекин, Шанхай, Далянь, Циндао) - приветственные речи сказал каждый. Тот самый случай, когда Мир через Корею объединяет весь Мир.
В общем, весь этот парад городов, стран и континентов был до того как как мы приступили к параду:

После Парада несколько напутственных речей. От председателей Ли и Ким, а также почетных гостей саммита.
В конце концов, было бы ошибочно полагать, что Парад мира - это организация только HWPL.
В Параде мира приняли участие ряд авторитетных политиков из разных стран мира.
Тезисно по каждой речи.

Ли Ман Хи и Ким Нам Хи, лидеры HWPL

Ли Ман Хи: "Peace and cessation of war, which the peace messengers call for, is a cause for a new creation it is transforming the once bloodstained world into a new one, a world of peace. Heaven, like a father, has given the seed to earth the earth, like a mother, received the seed, which sprouts and grows as heaven nurtures it with light, rain and air. Likewise, we too, must care for and nurture this beautiful Earth and protect it as we would protect lives.
Moreover, as we live in the grace of light, rain and air from heaven, we must be givers of grace and build a peaceful world as an everlasting legacy for our children and their children.
The peace work we have carried on will be recognized by heaven, Earth and by all creation and every member of the family of peace will go down in history as a light that shines forever.
Once again, allow me to urge the presidents of respective nations to sign in support of the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. Also, I implore all global citizens to unite as messengers of peace"

Ким Нам Хи: "The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of war is unprecedented in its aim to cease all wars and root out even the causes of war. International law experts and former and current heads of state around the world acknowledge that this Declaration is a solution to continuing wars of humanity.
Chairman Lee, who thoroughly prepared this Declaration and announced it to the public, never rested but continued to spread peace throughout the world again and again. He has made painstaking efforts to sow the seed of peace in places that needed peace. Despite the concerns over a seemingly impossible task, chairman Lee always chose to walk a difficult, sometimes lonely, path for peace. He also never failed to accomplish the plans he had made.
Tens of thousands of people around the world acknowledge him as messenger of peace and exemplary role model. HWPL Days are being declared in various cities, and peace parks and monuments are also being established. All the works and achievements of chairman Lee prove that he is the peace advocate sent for humanity. The peace that chairman Lee is talking about is a world of life where people are free from suffering, crying and death. And this is the peace that the Creator wants to give us.

The IWPG and HWPL share a common vision, purpose and path.
We already know the solution, the answer, to achieve peace, but if we do not act upon it, what will happen to the fate of this world? The choices we make can change the world.
We must unite and show the world the strong influence that peace can make.
Together, we can definitely achieve a world where all people live in peace and harmony"

Монсеф аль-Морзуки, бывший президент Туниса: "The religious coverage of atrocities committed in the name of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism must be condemned in the clearest way by both this summit and the great leaders of these religions.
Violence against men on behalf of their creator is the most abject and unacceptable of all violence.
I would like to recall here the image that Mahatma Gandhi gave of religions. There are like paths that approach the same mountain from different starting points. However, all the paths go towards the summit, which is unique. The closer the men get to this summit, the closer they get to each other and themselves.
From all time the mystics of the different religions in approaching this summit that is God, had more thing in common than with their own co-religionists.
Today we are closer to each other than to people sharing with us the same nationality but not the same values, the first being the protection and promotion of peace in the world.
I am sure that this summit will have a great impact on the strengthening of the ties between all actors working for peace. I also believe that this summit will better build the networks of all peace activists and increase the effectiveness of their actions.

I call on all men and women of good will in these times of all dangers to give a greater chance to peace in this sensitive region of the world as well as in Myanmar, the Middle East or Africa sub-Saharan Africa"

Иво Йосипович, бывший президент Хорватии: "I am convinced that cooperation and collaboration of governments all around the globe, important contribution by civil society and contribution of distinguished individuals lawyers, artists, scientists, religious people, politicians and all people of good will can prevail over the dark side of humanity.
The vision of the world without wars, killing and sufferings is our vision of the future of humanity. The Declaration, delivered not only to political leaders of many countries, but to the wide public as well, has increased the awareness of the need for urgent action to stop wars and build peace all around the globe.
We are strongly obliged to leave a world of peace to future generations. It is the biggest moral, legal and political task for all of us, particularly for the politicians, religious leaders and other powerful and influential individuals.
We, gathered around HWPL, just like all other people of good will must, to be peace messengers in our community, nation and then to the world.
Wars and horrible sufferings and war crimes threaten humanity with everlasting darkness. In spite, I am optimist. I hope in light, in everlasting peace.
Not today, not tomorrow, but in the predictable future, global peace will come. Hope is stronger than fear. Light will win over the dark. I am proud because in that battle our contribution, the contribution of HWPL and all people supporting us will be important"

Станислав Шушкевич, бывший председатель Верховного Совета Беларуси: "I am convinced that the unification of peoples from various sectors of the international community, based on the Declaration of peace and cessation war DPCW, should be carried out systematic utilization of consensual practices that would consistently bring the state of affairs ever closer the Declaration’s essence. This is exactly what we did in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, in my native Belarus, where on December 7-8, 1991 I managed to bring together the president of Russian Boris Yeltsin and the president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk.
We signed the Agreement on the Establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which declared the dissolution of the USSR de jure. We found a more peaceful option than remaining in a single Union, which had essentially been a peoples prison, resulting different republics with unique religious and traditional preferences.
Even so, issues arose. We were peaceful than political giants US president Bush Sr., French president Francois Mitterrand, diplomat Kissinger, former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and many others"

Адриан Хуонгбеджи, президент Национальной ассамблеи Бенина: "It is bitter observation that peace is in Jeopardy through various form unjustified violence exerted on peaceful population, confrontations for tribal matter and \ or religious matter – terrorists acts – armed conflicts. The worst are tensions barely concealed between countries having the nuclear weapon. With things looking so worrisome, I call the international community to fully understand the nature of the tread, and bring solutions that will keep peace and security in the world. This is why initiatives such as the third annual Commemoration of WARP summit come at right time to send out alarm signal.
Regarding that matter, the DPCW, which was written and proclaimed in 2016, is a huge step forward in the process of a general mobilization of the public from all over the world in favor of peace. It is praiseworthy efforts which needs to be saluted. However, the different principles of this declaration must still be operationalized through a course of action, so that our countries as well as the international community can look for the possibility of implementing these measures in their national laws and treaties, agreements and international conventions"

Гивен Лубинда, министр юстиции Замбии: "We have the duty of fostering the DPCW. Under the slogan Together for peace as messenger of peace we have to develop an action agenda for world peace and cessation of war as a reflection of global citizens hopes and aspirations.
We ought to inspire ourselves from the international scope through the regional levels, country level and community levels and involving policy makers, political leaders, religious leaders, civil society leaders, academia, private sector leaders women and youth organisations to work for long-lasting peace.
I am confident that the so many of us gathered here shall achieve this important goal"

Atifete Jahjaga, бывшая президент Косово: "That peace and stability cannot be built under threat and duress, that economic prosperity and our the values and ideals of democracy may not come to life without cessation of animosities.
We must resist the urge to get even. We must look forward and set the foundations of a meaningful dialogue so that these events of our past do not revisit us again in the future"
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