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Призыв к Китаю

Британский премьер Тереза Мэй сегодня начала трехдневный визит в Японию: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/uk-prime-minister-theresa-day-visit-japan-49507664

В центре внимания - торговые переговоры и Brexit.
И конечно же, вопросы безопасности (в свете актуализировавшихся "северокорейских угроз")

Japanese officials will tell Theresa May to end the "sense of crisis" around Brexit as she flies in for trade talks on Wednesday.
Yasutoshi Nishimura, deputy chief cabinet secretary, said he wanted the UK’s divorce with Brussels to be conducted in an orderly manner to avoid any disruption for Japanese businesses operating in the UK.
More than 1,000 Japanese companies currently operate in Britain employing some 140,000 people, while Japan’s direct investment in the UK has topped 10 trillion yen (£71bn).
“The Japanese government must react to a sense of crisis among businesses and do the utmost to gather information and analyze it, and support Japanese firms based on the recognition that Britain’s exit from EU has a direct impact on them.
“We need to make use of Prime Minister May’s visit for conveying Japan’s stance to various levels (of officials) in Britain and EU.”
A Downing Street spokesman said: "Japanese businesses have continued to show confidence in the UK, with Softbank making a record £24 billion purchase of ARM Holdings and Nissan announcing that they will build the new Qashqai model at their plant in Sunderland.
"Our strong economy, high level of skills, and low levels of taxation continue to make Britain an attractive destination for investment, a topic which is high on the agenda for the Prime Minister’s visit to Japan this week."

Theresa May is set for disappointment on her visit to Tokyo this week after Japanese officials signalled they would not rush into free trade talks with Britain.
The British prime minister, who is hungry for new trade agreements to show the benefits of Brexit, is expected to discuss a UK-Japan version of the deal Tokyo agreed in principle with the EU last month when she meets her Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe.
But Japanese officials say their priority is completing the deal with Brussels, while negotiations with Britain will be difficult until there is clarity about its future relationship with the EU.
“I don’t think there will be substantial progress,” said one Japanese trade official. “We haven’t finished [free trade] negotiations with the EU, just agreed at the political level, and many issues still remain.”
The official said the UK side was being “quite aggressive” in pushing for a commitment on a future trade deal with the world’s fourth-largest economy. Mrs May will argue that such an arrangement would be mutually beneficial.
“We were big supporters of the EU-Japan trade deal and were engaged in negotiating it,” said one of Mrs May’s allies. “It would make sense for that deal to be replicated for us.”

Тереза Мэй начала свой японский визит с Киото.
Находясь в Киото, британская премьер призвала Китай усилить давление на КНДР, а также высказала свою позицию по "корейскому вопросу".
"China has a key role to play here in terms of the pressure they can bring on North Korea” - отметила Тереза Мэй.
"I think what I have made clear is what the UK is looking at and what the UK doing and that is looking at pressure on North Korea, which is discussions about further sanctions and it's about the sort of change that China can bring. I think they are a key player in this", - весь контекст данного заявления.
"We are very clear that the actions of North Korea are illegal. I think that they are significant actions of provocation.
"I think it is outrageous. That's why will be working with our international partners, as we have done previously, but we will be re-doubling our efforts with our international partners to put pressure on North Korea to stop these illegal activities."
UK would be doubling its efforts to put pressure on dictator Kim Jong-un to stop the missile tests.
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