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Соглашение в силе

Что с китайским портом на Шри-Ланке: https://www.forbes.com/sites/wadeshepard/2017/07/27/china-buys-up-strategic-sri-lankan-seaport-as-the-maritime-silk-road-sails-on/#4ccafc236f4c

Некоторое время назад была политическая шумиха, аккурат под визит Моди: http://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/1999374.html

Визит прошел, шумиха улеглась, проблемы остались, а на первом месте интересы.

According to a July 25th press release from China Merchants Port Holdings Co., the state-owned port operator will agree to pay $1.12 billion for an 85% share of the Hambantota port for 99 years, a portion of which is to be put towards a 58% cut of a new company called the Hambantota International Port Services Company (HIPS), and the remaining $146.342 million put into a bank account to cover operational expenses.
However, according to a document that a Reuters reporter claims to have seen, the ownership breakdown for the Hambantota International Port Services Company was 50.7% / 49.3%, with Sri Lanka getting the controlling interest, and China Merchants agreeing to drop its share of the port to 65% after ten years.

О подоплеке истории читайте в Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/wadeshepard/2017/07/27/china-buys-up-strategic-sri-lankan-seaport-as-the-maritime-silk-road-sails-on/#4ccafc236f4c

В общем, у вас политическая шумиха, а у нас большие дела.
Я бы так сказал.
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