February 7th, 2021

Пекин-22. Олимпиада нового типа (2)

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China would host a succesful Winter Olympics.
We also agreed on the essential importance of respecting the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement as to be beyond any political dispute.
China is ready to welcome the best winter sport athletes across the world despite the challenges of Covid-19.

Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee

Евросоюз. Сбалансированная позиция

No 1. would be a scenario where we put in a situation to join all together against China.
This is a scenario of the highest possible conflict.
This one, for me, is counterproductive, it will push China to increase its regional stratey.
It will push China to precisely diminish its cooperation on the different agenda
Emmanuel Macron, the president of France

Евросоюз последовательно занимает сбалансированную позицию.
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