July 5th, 2016

Филиппинский прецедент

12 июля Международный Суд ООН (Гаагский трибунал) постановил решение по иску Филиппин в морском территориальном споре с КНР.

Основные пункты решения:
1. China has no "historic title" over the waters of the South China Sea.
2. The 1982 U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea supercedes China's "Nine-dash line" - its 69-year-old claim to roughly 85 percent of the South China Sea.
3. None of the features of the Spratly Islands off the Philippines' west coast give China any right to an exclusive economic zone.
4. China has interfered with traditional Philippines fishing rights, notably at Scarborough Shoal.
5. Chinese oil exploration near Reed Bank violated the Philippines' sovereign rights.
6. China damaged parts of the ecosystem of the Spratly Islands with activities such as overfishing and creating artificial islands.
7. China's actions have aggravated its conflict with the Philippines at a time it was meant to be resolving them.

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