March 12th, 2010

Запад о Китае

Лорд Питер Мандельсон, первый госсекретарь правительства Великобритании, в своей статье в New York Times попытался обозначить место растущего Китая в современном миропорядке.

Суть дилеммы проста – Запад хочет сохранить собственную гегемонию и при этом сохранить подконтрольность Китая. Чтобы и волки сыты – и овцы целы. 

We Want China to Lead
Europe and the U.S. want China to step into a leadership role.
The reality is that effective multilateralism will be impossible without Chinese engagement. There will be no global climate change settlement without China. No Asian or global security architecture. No sustainable governance of global trade or finance without China.
…The dilemma for Europe and America is this: We cannot dictate China’s development or the solutions to its problems. But we do not have the luxury of ignoring them either.
Europe and the U.S. need to recognize that China will not simply accept a model of global governance or multilateralism that it played no part in designing, or which it feels does not reflect the imperative of its growth and stability.
But China needs to make it clear that it understands that China is too big, the challenges too great and the global village too small for China to retreat into inflexibility or insularity.