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ТОP-10 new-Bali

Индонезия - это не только роскошный экзотический отдых на Бали.
Это также new-Бали.

Минтуризма Индонезии рекомендует туристическим компаниям расширить список предложений для иностранных туристов: http://www.cntraveler.com/story/places-to-visit-in-indonesia-that-arent-bali

10 восхитительных мест, разбросанных по всей стране, которые условно можно назвать как new-Бали:
1) Lake Toba (North Sumatra);
2) Tanjung Kelayang (a beach on the relatively untouched island of Belitung, South Sumatra);
3) Tanjung Lesung (a resort area just over 100 miles from Jakarta);
4) the Thousands Islands (a group of islets ideal for a weekend escape from Jakarta);
5) Borobudur (a 9th-century Buddhist temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site, near Yogyakarta);
6) Bromo, Tengger, and Semeru—a chain of volcanoes in East Java;
7) Mandalika (a private resort area currently in development, in southern Lombok);
8) Labuan Bajo (on the island of Flores, the ideal launching point for an exploration of the islands that extend east of Bali, including Komodo, home to the eponymous giant lizard);
9) Wakatobi (a luxury diving reserve off the coast of Sulawesi's main island);
10) Morotai (one of the country's northernmost islands)
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