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Может ли Китай поддерживать лидерство

Может ли Китай поддерживать мировое лидерство

В тему:

"...This is why China began to gravitate toward the West and seek further integration into the global economy. The government’s reformist ideology dictated that China “connect with the international track.” But, after the 2008 financial crisis, the Chinese suddenly discovered that the “international track” was in trouble. By necessity, but also by choice, China has since become a self-centered, “post-responsible” power. It is now less constrained by the status quo, and more intent on changing it.
Fortunately, China is not acting like a traditional revisionist power, and it remains deeply committed to economic globalization. Chinese leaders see their country as the new engine of that process. Since 2013, Xi has been rolling out China’s massive “one belt, one road” program, designed to stimulate growth through global connectivity and infrastructure investment. China does not want a divided Asia or fragmented regional blocs built along geopolitical fissures, so it is cultivating international comity through shared interests.
But China will face a unique set of problems as it tries to carry the torch of economic globalization forward. For starters, it is still a developing country, and its domestic landscape is fraught with political perils and economic uncertainties. Xi’s government is struggling to maintain domestic stability as it moves China away from labor-intensive, investment-heavy economic growth toward a model based on domestic consumption and services. The primacy of this domestic agenda means that China’s attempt to lead global change will lack a clear vision and coherent strategy.
The Year Ahead 2017 Cover Image
A second problem stems from China’s incomplete transition on the world stage. After prevailing in World War II, the US immediately and undeniably dominated the globe. China, in seeking to lead the next stage of economic globalization, enjoys no such geopolitical power and legitimacy"

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