Азиатские тигры (igor_tiger) wrote,
Азиатские тигры

Престижный проект

О реалиях Нового Шелкового пути за прошедшие три года: https://geopoliticalfutures.com/one-belt-one-road-no-dice/
Что и почему выгорело.

"...Eurasia is not the pivot of the world as it was when the ancient Silk Road was a vibrant and flourishing trade route.
Today, most global trade happens by sea, which is the U.S.’ domain, and OBOR will not change that.
OBOR as currently imagined, funded and directed by China is theoretically seductive, but when you examine the boring yet crucial facts of where the money will come from, who will oversee the overall scope of the project, who will buy Chinese steel shipped overland and why OBOR would make countries want to spend more to ship goods across unstable areas, it becomes clear that OBOR is more mirage at this point than game-changer.
OBOR has brilliantly succeeded at one thing though: It has greatly increased China’s international prestige and Xi’s domestic credibility, which is the basis of most Chinese moves on the global stage"
Tags: belt and road

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