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Перестановки во флоте

В Китае новый адмирал, командующий военным флотом: http://www.defensenews.com/articles/source-chinese-navy-has-new-commander?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DFN+DNR+1%2F13%2F17&utm_term=Editorial+-+Daily+News+Roundup
Шен Цинлун (Shen Jinlong), командующий Южным флотом.

"...Shen, 60, is familiar to US Navy leaders, having commanded the Chinese Navy squadron that took part in Rim of the Pacific exercises out of Pearl Harbor in 2014. He also attended the International Seapower Symposium last September at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.
According to an English translation of the Ming Pao article, Shen has served tours in command of a PLAN North Sea Fleet destroyer flotilla, the Navy’s Lushun Logistical Base, the Dalian Naval Academy and the Navy’s Command Academy. The article notes Shen became commander of the South Sea Fleet — one of China’s three main fleets — in December 2014.
The translation cites Ming Pao as calling Shen’s appointment a “surprise” to many people. The paper, according to the translation, noted that Wang Hai, the PLAN’s deputy commander, has been a strong contender for the top job.
The Ming Pao article, according to the translation, also reported that Yuan Yubai, commander of the North Sea Fleet, was appointed commander of the People’s Liberation Army Southern Theater;
Wei Gang, deputy director of the Navy’s Armament Department, was appointed commander of the East Sea Fleet;
former East Sea Fleet commander Su Zhiqian was appointed deputy commander of the Navy;
and Zhang Wendan, deputy chief of staff of the Southern Theater Command, was appointed commander of the North Sea Fleet"
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