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Остановить трампизм

О том, как Япония защитилась от Трампа, видели: http://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/1941186.html

Как Китай может остановить "трампизм": https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-01-08/how-china-can-stop-trumpism

"...China hasn't done much to appease these critics. Despite pledges to continue "opening up," progress has been glacial. American firms say that they feel increasingly unwelcome in China. Yet in response to Trump's tough talk, China has simply threatened to fight back. The Global Times, a Communist Party tabloid, recently warned that if Trump took a harder line on China, Starbucks could lose market share on the mainland "if American brands suffer in the fallout."
China's leaders would be better served by honoring their pledges to further open their markets and lift restrictions on foreign investors. As HSBC Holdings Plc economist Frederic Neumann argued in a recent commentary, if the government wants to promote free trade, it must convince its partners that they, too, can benefit from lowering barriers. China, he wrote, "would have to throw open its markets to its trade partners, offering where needed wider access than it receives."
By lowering hurdles to trade and investment, China would not only remove reasons for others to pursue protectionist policies, but also help solve the problems behind rising anti-trade sentiment. For one thing, it would likely help shrink its contentious trade surplus with the U.S. By increasing competition at home, it would also force its lumbering companies to become more innovative, competitive and profitable, which would boost its long-term economic prospects"

Продолжая тему:http://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/1942700.html
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