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Тайвань: результаты выборов

Предварительные результаты:

Парламентский расклад: ДПП - 68 мандатов, Гоминьдан - 35, Первая народная партия – 3, «Новая сила – 5, по 1 мандату получили также Союз солидарности беспартийных, плюс независимый кандидат

According to Taiwan’s Central Election Commission, with 98 percent of the results in, Tsai and running mate Chen Chien-jen had claimed 56.2 percent of the votes, with Chu at 30.9 percent and Soong at 12.8 percent.
The results of the at-large elections, meanwhile, were crystal clear. With 99 percent of results reported, the DPP had 44.1 percent of the votes, with the KMT at 26.9 percent. Soong’s People First Party was the top performing third party, with 6.5 percent of votes, closely followed by the New Power Party at 6.1 percent. Thirty-four seats in the Legislature Yuan will be divided up according to the at-large results.

О предвыборных митингах: http://rti-ru.livejournal.com/367518.html.

Продолжая тему: http://igor-tiger.livejournal.com/1844465.html
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