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Азиатские тигры

Мечты о Никарагуанском канале

выгоды транзитного морского канала очевидны

Bloomberg побывал в Никарагуа и осмотрел "ход работ" по Никарагуанскому каналу, строительство которого было официально начато в конце декабря прошлого года.
И вот что обозреватель Блумберга написал:

"The townspeople haven’t seen any signs of canal workers in months. And the work that was done was marginal. A handful of Chinese engineers were spotted late last year making field notations on the east side of the lake; early this year, a dirt road was expanded and light posts were upgraded at a spot on the west side where a port is to be built.
Juharling Mendoza, a 32-year-old local entrepreneur, is so convinced that the project won’t proceed that he’s constructing a two-story house with three guest rooms and an attached convenience store just outside of El Tule. He says bluntly: “There isn’t going to be a canal.”
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