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АТЭС: "комната" для США

Over the weekend, Xi announced the creation of a $40 billion Silk Road Fund, which will be used to develop infrastructure along China’s twin Silk Road projects. In describing that project, Xi made it clear that funding is the main obstacle facing Asian unity and development. China hopes its Silk Road Fund can “break the bottleneck in Asian connectivity,” Xi said. The Silk Road Fund, plus the newly developed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, put China at the center of two major initiatives designed to help developing Asian nations improve infrastructure and plug into regional and global trade networks. And given China’s economic importance for the Asia-Pacific and the world, that will certainly mean boosting economic partnerships with Beijing.
While describing the future of Asian development, Xi stressed that China is the force driving regional economies. Indeed, China is already an economic leader in the region; China is the largest trading partner for South Korea, Japan, Australia, and ASEAN. China’s new initiatives, including the Asia-Pacific Dream, make it clear that China wants to turn economic leadership into more explicit strategic leadership. Beijing want to develop and promote a vision for Asia’s future, translating its economic clout into something more. As Xi put it in his APEC CEO Summit address, other countries are welcome “to get on board the train of China’s development.” The unspoken corollary is that countries that choose not to “get on board” with China will be left behind.

С одной стороны, стратегия Шёлкового пути. Это одно направление, в основном для стран евразийского региона. С другой стороны, стратегия АТЭС. Это противоположное направление, "игра" совсем иного уровня и с другими игроками. Есть в китайской внешней политике также еще некоторые стратегии.
Причем влияние Поднебесной уже выходит за пределы Азии.
Итого: постепенно, как видим, Китай становится важным фактором геополитики, "китайская мечта" - в "азиатско-тихоокеанскую мечту", а США - в одну из "комнат" АТЭС.
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