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Обама требует убрать из правительства радикалов

Президент США Барак Обама заверил, что Вашингтон будет оказывать поддержку правительству Яценюка. Вместе с тем, в Вашингтоне высказали серьезную обеспокоенность по поводу представительства ультраправых в украинском правительстве.

В частности, в США обратили внимание на двух следующих радикальных «персон»:

Александр Сыч, вице-премьер от «Свободы», который недавно на евромайдане утверждал, будто бы Украиной управляет «московско-еврейская мафия»;

Андрей Парубий, секретарь СНБОУ, основатель Социал-националистической партии и зам. Яроша в «Правом секторе».

Вашингтон также напомнил: Всемирный Еврейский Конгресс на своем прошлогоднем съезде прямо призвал Европу запретить неонацистские партии. В том числе, ВО «Свобода».

Теперь дословно:

« Obama should anticipate that if far-right figures begin to shape the policies of the new government, tensions between the eastern and western parts of the country will get worse, not better. Public opinion in cities such as Kharkov and Donetsk, where people are nervous but don't want to become Russians again, may begin to shift Putin's way».

Ну и еще о том, как ультраправые взрывают национальное единство в Крыму и на Юго-Востоке:

«…former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who told "Fox News Sunday," "I do not believe that Crimea will slip out of Russia's hand." Russian troops essentially control the peninsula and, from all reports, have substantial popular support. Unless a planned referendum on retrocession to Russia produces a surprise result -- and Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn't like surprises -- it is hard to see how the new Ukrainian government can wrest Crimea back.

The other Russian-speaking parts of eastern Ukraine are a different story -- potentially. Putin would face much more determined international opposition if he were to send troops to capture more of the country -- unless the new government gives him an excuse.

The far-right parties have long championed Ukrainian-only laws that ban the use of the Russian language in official business. They have ideas about rewriting history books and celebrating Ukrainian -- as opposed to Russian or Jewish -- ethnic heritage. Svoboda's platform, for example, calls for Ukrainian passports to specify the bearer's ethnicity.

Sorting all of this out will require the new government to reassure Russian-speakers in the east that they do not need protection from Moscow, as Putin claims. But Russian media are playing up an incident Saturday in which armed, masked assailants broke up a pro-Russia rally in the eastern city of Kharkov.

Was the incident perhaps a provocation, staged by Putin? Could be. But Ukraine's Russian-speakers would be less likely to give credence to the notion that they are under threat of persecution if the new government did not include far-right leaders whose rhetoric has been ethnocentric and at times violent.

What does this mean for the Obama administration? Proceed with caution.

The president should pay no attention to the loudmouths who claim he somehow "lost" Crimea, presumably just as George W. Bush "lost" parts of Georgia when Russia invaded that country. No amount of rhetorical bluster -- or, for that matter, U.S. defense spending -- would have dissuaded Russia from occupying a strategic plot of land where it has had a major military presence for more than two centuries.

Yanukovych was a thief and a lout; Ukraine is better off with him gone. But Obama should insist that the provisional government organize new elections that are free and fair, and that prove to Russian-speakers that they, too, have a voice in the new Ukraine. This means making clear that anti-Semitism and ethnic chauvinism are unacceptable».

Источник:   Washington Post, 11 марта 2014 года

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