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Украина: поворот к Европе

Фонд Маршалла: Украина делает поворот к Европе?


Львов - локомотив украинской евроинтеграции. Посмотрите, например, на формальную сторону вопроса. Недавно Украина подала официальную заявку на Буковель-2022 (с реальными шансами на победу), полным ходом идет подготовка к Евробаскет-2015. Кроме того, Львов хочет построить у себя свою «силиконовую долину». Через Львов проходят все ключевые европейские магистрали, связывающие с другими регионами Украины.
Забавный вывод в конце статьи: посмотрите на сегодняшний Львов - это будущее Украины после евроассоциации.

Несколько цитат из текста статьи:

«…Recent opinion polls show majorities in favor of closer EU links not just in western Ukraine but also in the eastern Donbass region. Russia's image as a benign, protective neighbor has been undermined by threats of reprisals if Ukraine signs the EU agreement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not need a new cold war over Ukraine. His zero sum approach is largely bluster. He knows that Russian firms in Ukraine will benefit from free trade with the EU and that Russia itself will still be able to trade freely with Ukraine. If Mr. Putin steps back from the brink, the EU should offer to negotiate a new partnership with Russia.

The EU will need to offer tangible and concrete benefits to Ukrainian citizens to reinforce their recent, tenuous pivot toward Europe. Higher EU industrial and environmental standards, and increased competition, will mean job losses before free trade creates new employment opportunities.

People in western Ukraine living close to the border can visit relatives or go shopping in neighboring parts of Poland or Slovakia without visas. But, in general, visas are still required to visit the EU. Eighty percent of Ukrainians have never travelled abroad. EU leaders should face down vociferous nationalist groups to make it easier for Ukrainians to visit the EU. The EU's Erasmus Mundus scholarship program and national schemes like the British Chevening scholarships should be extended, despite tight budgets. It is money well spent.

Lviv's EU inclinations, its determined leadership, its UNESCO world heritage art and architecture, its universities, cosmopolitan traditions, and general openness bode well for the future. Yet, the Lviv oblast (administrative region) represents only 5 percent of Ukraine's declining population. It shares many of the country's political, economic, and social challenges. Association with the EU may not be sufficient to reverse decades of neglect, but it may jolt the rest of the country into becoming more like Lviv. Does anyone have a better idea?»

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