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"Дело Тимошенко" и евроинтеграция

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Лидеры Евросоюза едины во мнении, что для подписания Украиной Соглашения об ассоциации экс-премьер-министру Юлии Тимошенко необходимо позволить выехать для лечения за границу. Об этом заявил посол Франции в Украине Ален Реми.

«В Ялте я увидел единогласие европейцев относительно того, что необходимо для подписания. Об этом говорили все, начиная с президента Литвы, продолжая еврокомиссаром Штефаном Фюле, министрами Карлом Бильдтом и Радославом Сикорским, не говоря уже о президенте Александре Квасьневском. Все они очень хорошо знают Украину. И все они четко высказались за то, что Юлии Тимошенко необходимо позволить выехать на лечение за границу», – заявил г-н Реми в интервью газете «День» (1.10.2013).
По его словам, ход событий теперь не диктует ни Франция, ни Германия – «это единая точка зрения». При этом посол Франции заявил, что лично он выступает за подписание Соглашения об ассоциации с Украиной.

Reuters выдал свежий «инсайд» по украинскому вопросу:

With nearly 46 million people and a $330 billion economy, Ukraine is easily the biggest prize among the eastern partnership states. But Europe cannot afford to compromise on justice and human rights solely to pull one country closer into its orbit, no matter how strategically important it may be.

Ukraine has to carry out a range of judicial, electoral and business reforms to secure the association agreement, as well as finding a solution to the case of Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister now imprisoned for abuse of power following a 2011 trial the EU said was based on selective justice.

EU officials are satisfied with the progress made on reforms, and expect all of the 'benchmarks' to have been met by the Vilnius summit on November 28-29. But Tymoshenko is a much more intractable problem with no clear solution.

Germany has said it wants the former prime minister, who is receiving treatment for back problems while under guard in hospital, released or at least allowed to travel abroad for treatment before it can back the association agreement.

That position is broadly supported by Britain, France, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries, while several east European member states are more flexible on what the terms of any deal on Tymoshenko should be.

For Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich it is a deeply emotive issue. There is an ingrained animosity between him and his former political rival and a fear, analysts say, of retaliation by her against him if she is set free.

What's more, Ukraine says it is not possible to release Tymoshenko unconditionally as it would violate the law, an argument officials in Brussels acknowledge has some truth.

The hope was an agreement could be reached by October 21, when EU foreign ministers hold a regular monthly meeting. But EU officials are not convinced the date will hold. They are also not sure a deal can be clinched by the meeting after that on November 18 - just 10 days before the eastern partnership summit.

"If you ask me, I think this will go right down to the wire, or at least very close to it," said a senior EU official directly involved in the negotiations.

Asked if Tymoshenko might still be in custody in Ukraine on November 29, when Kiev should be signing the association agreement, two EU officials involved in trying to resolve the dispute acknowledged that might be the case.

"But she may not still be there in early December," one of them said, hinting at the possibility of a compromise that involves her leaving the country soon after the summit.


P.S. Однако, опять же: проблема не только конкретно в «деле Тимошенко». Европа ставит вопрос в принципе: о недопустимости «избирательного правосудия» к кому бы то ни было. Чтоб судебно-правоохранительные меры не применялись в политике.

Кроме того, Украина проваливает другие домашние задания по евроинтеграции. Например, по визовому вопросу, улучшению инвестклимата. В том же интервью «Дню» посол Франции отметил, что крупные европейские компании в Украине испытывают большие проблемы.

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