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Почему Украина и Китай нужны друг другу

Can we call China and SE Asia ‘s industrial nations important partners for Ukraine?

Maxline has asked Ihor Shevyryov, the Observer for DipComment Kiev:

“Why Ukraine needs China and Asia in general? First of all, China – a rising world power, whose influence in the international arena only increases from year to year. It is impossible to ignore this fact anymore. It’s time for us to expand our ‘political geography’ and to go beyond the US-EU-Russia narrow triangle. Multipolar world is no more limited to these three centers.

Second, China is important from the point of view of balancing vectors of foreign policy. On the one hand, we further active eurointegration and on the other hand ,  we are intensifying relations with China – the above will allow Ukraine to increase its level  of sustainability , to moderate “imperial ambitions” of our bully relative, Russia, as well as to create a solid basis for our own leadership in Eurasia.

Third, China is a promising emerging market and with extensive demand. Besides, it has not yet pushed for quick modernization. Mostly , it’s a consumer goods market . Ukraine would have the advantage here, moving in with its innovative products.

Fourth, China is a leader in developing Asia. A partnership with Beijing is key to expand on rich Asian markets. Ukraine could be a powerful exporter to Asia. A reliance on an innovative strategy should only strengthen its leadership in the years to come .

By the way, a senior functionary of the CPC Liu Yunshan is on visit to Ukraine, starting Sep 6th. Therefore, China continues to show increased interest in Ukraine and is on to develop a full-fledged cooperation with our country. Notably, Ukraine is one of the the few nations in the former Soviet Union, with which Beijing has established a Strategic Partnership (others are Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan ). Over past three years Ukraine has repeatedly been visited by senior Chinese leaders.

What are our advantages? Ukraine is a European country with a real prospect of close involvement with the European market. We are one of the leaders in the Black Sea basin. We are located right in the center of the trade-flow from Europe to Eurasia and vice versa, with a growing possibility to make impact on Russia, and if necessary, to deter it.

Also, we should pay attention to the status of Liu Yunshan, as he is responsible for the ‘cultural construction’ in the party. China promotes its culture, preparing a basis for a large-scale access to the international level . In the next 5-10 years, Beijing will increase its attention to the ‘cultural construction’, in particular, to the rehabilitation of traditional arts. Moreover, the issue is directly supervised at the highest level — by Lee Penyuan, the “first lady ” of China, who has undertook the task of Chinese cultural renaissance.

Culture could well be an area of close cooperation between Kyiv and Beijing. The Chinese are not arrogant — they are not only interested in promoting their own culture, but also show interest in ours. Cultural cooperation will enable our countries to get to know each other closer. Ukrainians will be able to better understand the “Chinese characte”, the Chinese, in turn, will understand the specifics of Ukraine, a European country bordering Russia.

Though Liu Yunshan is a senior official, but only along the party line. However, a state-level visit of China’s leadership to Ukraine is possible in the near future, depending on these negotiations.”, Shevyryov told Maxline.

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